Bachelor’s Study Programmes

bc-studium-new2 Faculty of Science offers a „structured study“. It means that a students is first enrolled into one of the bachelor’s programes. After the graduation the student can continue with one of the directly or indirectly accesible master’s study programmes. In case the study programme does not directly follow-up, the student is obliged to pass the entrance examination (usually written test, which content is defined by the guarantee of the follow-up study programme). Department of physical chemistry guarantees the following study programmes: The study programmes of Applied chemistry is designed for students who want to get fundamental knowledge from chemistry and improve their English and computer skills. The education of chemistry is mainly aimed its modern application in laboratory and practise. Being considered as professionally oriented study programme, Applied chemistry does not allow direct accessibility of master’s study programme. The graduate students can, however, pass the entrance examination of any master’s study programme. The information to the entrance examinations and other connected conditions are available from the Study Department or from the guarantee of the particular study programme. The study programme Nanomaterial chemistry is designed for students who are interested in chemistry of nanomaterials. This study program offers both theoretical knowledge and experimental skills in the field of synthesis, functionalization, and characterization of modern nanostructured materials. This study programme allows direct accessibility (without the entrance examination) of master’s study programme of Material chemistry Physical chemistry. The master’s study programmes of Physical chemistry and Material chemistry, guaranteed by the Department of physical chemistry, are directly accessible also from the following study fields: chemistry, biochemistry, bioorganic chemistry and bioinorganic chemistry.