Past and Now

Physical chemistry had been developed as a part of Department of inorganic and physical chemistry. The independent Department of physical chemistry was established on 1st March 2003 splitting Department of inorganic and physical chemistry and prof. Jan Lasovský became the first head this newly emerged department. Although it is the youngest of the chemical departments, the Department of physical chemistry is one of the most progressively developing ones from the research and educational point of view. In the last few years, the Department of Physical chemistry has been equipped with excellent instruments and employs experts from the particular fields. Since 1st July 2009 it has been relocated in a new building at 17. listopadu 12. Since 1st October 2010 many of the department employees joined the research programme of Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials.


The Department of physical chemistry guarantees education of physical chemistry and adjoined disciplines (quantum chemistry, spectroscopy, nanomaterial chemistry, electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry, molecular modelling etc.) in all study programmes of chemistry and also in some of the study programmes of physics and biology. Additionally, the Department of physical chemistry guarantees bachelor’s study of Nanomaterial chemistry and professionally oriented programmes of Applied chemistry, Ecochemistry; master’s study programmes of Physical chemistry and Materials chemistry and doctor’s study programme of Physical chemistry. The department accredited habilitation and professor procedure in the branch of physical chemistry.


The Department of physical chemistry employs 5 professors, 7 associate professors, and several assistant professors and researchers. Approx. 25 students of doctor’s study programme and numerous students of master’s and bachelor’s study programmes are working on their dissertations, master’s theses and bachelor’s papers. The Department of physical chemistry has modern and well-equipped laboratory available both for education and research purpose. Additionally, the department has own PC lab.

Research and Development

Research at the Department of physical chemistry is aimed preparation, characterization and functionalization of nanomaterials, further on analysis and modification of surface properties, behaviour of molecular sets and biomacromolecules and computational chemistry.

Grant Support of Research

Research at the Department of physical chemistry is financially supported by domestic and international grants. The members of the department participate in the national projects: Excellence Centre: P208/12/G016: "Controlling structure and function of biomolecules at the molecular level: theory meets experiment" and Competence Centre: TE01020218 "Environmentally Friendly Nanotechnologies and Biotechnolgies for Water and Soil Treatment".



The Department of physical chemistry is well-equipped in the field of its specialization. Aside from the synthetic and characterization tools, it also disposes with software and hardware for molecular modelling and quantum chemistry.