The Department of physical chemistry has up-to date equipment, which completely covers the research performed at the Department. Thanks to the interconnection with Regional Centre of Advance Technologies and Materials we have access to the instrumental equipment located in RCPTM

Laboratory of Surface, Flow and Mechanical Properties

All the techniques gathered in this laboratory enable to determine, from the qualitative and quantitative point of view, surface energy and its distribution, surface wettability, particle size distribution and their zeta potential. The laboratory also enables to study rheological properties of either liquid or powdered materials. The equipment was recently completed with a tensile testing machine evaluating mechanical properties of materials.



  1. Drop shape analysis System using the method of contact angle: Krüsse DSA 30
  2. Mechanical properties: Schimadzu TCE-N300
  3. Determination of size distribution and zeta potential of nanomaterials using dynamic light scattering (DLS): Nano-ZS ZetaSizerNanoseries + automatic titrator Malvern MPT-2
  4. UV/VIS spectrophotometer: Specord S600 (Analytic Jena)
  5. Determination of surface energy and its distribution using the method of inverse gas chromatography: SMS Surface Energy Analysis (SEA) iGC SEA Surface Energy Analyzer
  6. Rheological properties of liquids: Rotovisco 1 ThermoHaake
  7. Rheological properties of powdered materials: FT4 Freeman

Laboratory for Synthesis and Characterization of Nanomaterials


The laboratory is fully equipped for the synthesis of metal and metal oxide nanomaterials and carbon based materials. The glovebox allows us to work with under nitrogen atmosphere. The characterization techniques enable to determine size distributions of the synthetized nanoparticles, their fundamental optical characteristics. Above all, the laboratory also enables to determine metal content in the synthetized materials.


  1. Glovebox: GS Glovebox Systemtechnik GmbH
  2. UV/VIS spectrophotometer: Specord S600 (Analytic Jena)
  3. Atomic absorption spectrophotometer with flame ionization: ContrAA 300 (AnalytikJena AG, Germany)
  4. Determination of size distribution and zeta potential measurements of nanomaterials using the methods of dynamic light scattering (DLS): Brookhaven, 90 Plus

Educational Laboratories

The Department of physical chemistry has two educational laboratories that are aimed on fundamental chemical operations and fundamental physical chemistry. Moreover, own PC lab is also available.