Contemporary Chemistry

The course of Contemporary chemistry, which is guaranteed and supervised by prof. Ing. Pavel Hobza, DrSc., was commenced in 2006. The course is filled with lectures delivered by distinguished national and international scientists and researchers. The lectures are available on-line during the delivery of the lecture. Since 2012 all the lectures have been also recorded and are available as video records.

X. year, "Czech Heads are lecturing in Contemporary Chemistry", 2015

IX. year, "Chemistry in Medicine II", 2014

VIII. year, "Chemistry in Medicine", 2013

VII. year, "About the Origin of Life", 2012

VI. year, "General managers of new research centres talking about contemporary science", 2011

V. year, 2010


IV. year, 2009

III. year, 2008

II. year, 2007

The following personalities delivered a lecture in the series of Contemporary Chemistry :