PhD programme


Study of the PhD program at the Department of Physical Chemistry is focused on three main disciplines: nanomaterials, molecular ensembles and biomacromolecules. In the field of nanomaterials we develop methods of preparation and complex characterization of nanomaterials, hybrid materials and nanocomposites where the aim is their use in e.g. environmental applications, heterogeneous catalysis and biomedical applications. Next to experimental disciplines we also apply computational chemistry and molecular modelling with the aim to understand physically-chemical phenomena on the molecular level and consecutively design new highly functional nanomaterials. We use and develop a wide range of computational methods reaching from molecular mechanics all the way to advanced methods of quantum chemistry and hybrid QM/MM methods. Students are supervised by erudite experts from the Department of Physical Chemistry and from the Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials (

PhD Degree

The Department of Physical Chemistry guaranties the below stated perspective doctoral study programs: