Physical Chemistry

Field of Study characterization

Study of the PhD program of Physical Chemistry is focused on three main disciplines: nanomaterials, molecular ensembles and biomacromolecules. In the field of nanomaterials we develop methods of preparation and complex characterization of nanomaterials, hybrid materials and nanocomposites where the aim is their use in e.g. environmental applications, heterogeneous catalysis and biomedical applications. Next to experimental disciplines we also apply computational chemistry and molecular modelling with the aim to understand physically-chemical phenomena on the molecular level and consecutively design new highly functional nanomaterials. We use and develop a wide range of computational methods reaching from molecular mechanics all the way to advanced methods of quantum chemistry and hybrid QM/MM methods. Students are supervised by erudite experts from the Department of Physical Chemistry and from the Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials (

Graduate Profile

PhD graduates are fully qualified and experienced in the field of physical chemistry and applied physical chemistry and are able to develop these fields independently. Students are introduced to a wide range of physical-chemistry techniques or theoretical and computational approaches of study of molecules, molecule complexes and nanomaterials. The graduates can apply modern IT and accurately process information gained from international expert databases. They can lead expert discussions in English language, both written and oral form. The graduates are qualified for the career of university lecturers and can also find their place as independent experts or leading executive workers in research and industry institutions.

Enrolment requirements

The PhD study program of Physical Chemistry is a selective field of study. All applicants are obliged to prove good study results within their MSc study, interest in independent research and scientific work and high level of English language knowledge. Further details concerning formalities, tuition, fees and the terms of the enrolment interviews are published on official websites of the Faculty of Science. We provide some stipends (Fischer stipend, ERC stipend) for the PhD students enrolled in the PhD program. In case of interest contact the supervisor in question or directly the Head of the Department.

The enrolment interview is oral and consists of the following points:

Credit System

The Ph.D. student are obliged to receive credits according to the credit system for Ph.D. study programme.


We have a long term experience with a double-degree PhD study and successful graduates. Potential partners and interested students should contact the Head of the Department.

Field of study guarantor

prof. RNDr. Michal Otyepka, Ph.D.

Topics of PhD Theses

List of PhD Theses.